Gridmates Unveils New White-Label Product at Zpryme’s start@ETS and Wins Prestigious $10,000 Award presented by Direct Energy

Gridmates Unveils New White-Label Product at Zpryme’s start@ETS and Wins Prestigious $10,000 Award presented by Direct Energy

The Energy Donation Company, One of Five Startup Companies to Participate in Energy Thought Summit (ETS) Will Help Utility Customers Use Smart Thermostats to Combat Energy Poverty.

AUSTIN, TX – (Sep 27, 2016) – Gridmates, one of five finalists to participate in the Battle Royale Startup Competition at start@ETS made possible by Direct Energy, won the prestigious $10,000 grand prize. The competition, organized by Zpryme, was evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges who reviewed presentations from Gridmates, Bractlet, Gridcure, Myonic Technologies, and Simplify Solar.

Gridmates presented a new feature to its portfolio of smart technologies that enables Smart Energy Donations as a white-label cloud app for electric utility companies and retailers. The purpose is to better engage customers in utility assistance programs to donate energy to those who cannot afford it; subsequently improving customer satisfaction and retention as well as increasing corporate responsibility. Gridmates app, to launch by year-end will enable customers with smart thermostats to make incremental temperature changes in their homes, calculate the savings real-time and then give the donated savings to people in need. Gridmates introduces the concept of Save and Donate Energy.

“Energy Thought Summit and Direct Energy are all about inspiring innovation in the energy sector and Gridmates is a perfect example leading the way,” said Jason Rodriguez CEO at Zpryme. “Gridmates is creating a new market of technology driven energy donors to help alleviate energy poverty in the United States as well as globally.”

“The world of infinite connectivity with technology is a huge opportunity to improve people’s lives with energy donations,” said Dr. George Koutitas, CEO and Founder at Gridmates. “We create smart innovation that leverages all connected devices, including smart thermostats to give utility customers a very easy way to save and donate energy. The Gridmates team would like to thank Direct Energy and Energy Thought Summit for their support”

About Gridmates

Gridmates is a software company based in Austin, Texas, that helps utilities and energy retailers enhance their Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs) and improve Community Engagement by providing a white label cloud platform that connects givers of energy with people in need. Gridmates product is a set of cloud based technologies for smart energy donations.

Gridmates is looking for utilities and energy retailers who are willing to pilot this technology and significantly improve Customer Satisfaction and Social Responsibility programs.

More details about the services of Gridmates are available at

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Gridmates Inc
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Gridmates Contact
Dr. George Koutitas, CEO & Cofounder

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