Ian McLeod

Chairman | Queensland Future Institute (Energy Committee)

As Chief Executive for Ergon Energy, Australia (2007-2016), Ian led the vision creation and transformation of Ergon from a traditional utility towards a higher purpose of a cleaner, secure, and affordable energy future through empowering customers and employees and enabling an effective market for energy resources and services. Ian provided leadership for a number of award winning innovations, including spatial intelligence and situational awareness capability, ROAMES (2015 Edison Electric Institute International Award Winner), Townsville Energy Sense Community Smart Grid Program (EPRI Technology Transfer Award), and the lithium Ion Grid Utility Support System (Engineers Australia Award for Innovation, Research and Development). The aggregated capability created by these innovations to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and reduce carbon saw Ergon Energy win the 2015 Climate Alliance Business Leadership Award for Business Innovator of the Year.  Ian is on a number on technology and academic advisory boards, is an ambassador for the Edison Electric Institute, Chairs the Queensland Futures Institute Energy Committee, and Heads the Smart Energy and Digital Asset Management for Enzen Australia.