Cliff Braddock

Development Director | Metco Engineering

Cliff Braddock is business development director for Metco Engineering and is involved in a number of energy related projects, including guaranteed savings performance contacting and combined heating and power. Mr. Braddock’s previous experiences include developing and directing district energy systems including one of the largest fleets of thermal energy storage systems in the US. He founded the On Site Energy Resources business for the Nation’s 9th largest municipal power utility, Austin Energy, and similar services for a gas utility, an equipment manufacturer and a CHP development company. Mr. Braddock earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech and a MBA from Louisiana State University. He is USGBC LEED – Accredited Professional and certified by Association of Energy Engineers as Certified Energy Manger and Certified Demand Side Manager. Mr. Braddock is involved in a number of professional and trade organizations related to energy, the environment and community.